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Ekushe Bangla Brought to You  Free NEW Interactive Ekushe Bangla Dictionary. 
The highly capable search engine of English to Bangla dictionary gives you solution in a second.

Unique dictionary with over 70, 000 words with full English translation which help everyone who is interested in English also will be useful for teachers, students, researchers.
Pronouncing English and Bangla words can help you Learn Both Language Perfectly.
The combination of ANSI and UNICODE gives you the interactive search Experience of Bangla to English Dictionary you ever used.

Free download of Bengali to English Dictionary 3.1, size 5.37 Mb.

Useful For Both Foreigner and Bangladeshi

Please Download Free Ekushe Bangla Dictionary From Right Of ur Page.-

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Interface of Ekusshe English To bangla Dictionary.
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Interface of Ekusshe Bangla To English Dictionary.
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