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Robo Kit 1. Pic developement board with USB,Rs 232, I2C etc
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Course on Microcontroller

The Vary first time C-Tech has arranged a Course on advanced microcontroller in Chittagong Bangladesh. The most Basic microcontroller PIC16F84A /16F877A and advanced 18F4550 with USB supported will be used in this course. Our main ambition to grow design capability of digital power electronics among the engineering students, and taking design challenges of industrial automations.

Interested candidate can fill up online application form or contact us directly.

Participants are limited to 15(Fifteen) in each batch and the admission will be given to the appropriate personnel on 'First Come First Serve' basis.

The details of course can be found here

The following topics will cover in the course:
Analog Electronics      :    Basic laws of electronics, Active and Passive components. Op-Amps.
Digital Electronics      :    Number system, Gates, Flip-Flops, Counters, Registers, PCB Artist microcontroller and microprocessors.
Data conversion          :    A/D and D/A conversion.
Programming              :    Proton-IDE assembly/Basic language editor, compiler, simulator for Microchip's microcontroller.
Real Pic Simulator >Simulation     :    Simulation technique for the microcontroller using Proteus

Project Works:
Each participant has to complete at least following 10 projects.
1. Flashing LED,
2. Interfacing with Seven Segment Display,
3. Counters with Timer,
4. LCD 16x2, 20x2 interfacing
5. Stepper Motor Control, Servo Motor Control,
6. Code Interrupts,
7. I2C EEPROM application,
8. USB HID Application,
9. Controller for IPS/UPS,
10. Analog Signal interfacing, etc.


Contact: Mr. Rony Chakraborty for more Details
Phone: 01911796737, 01816613588
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